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VS33 is a bioactivity protein-peptide complex specifically designed to increase appetite, palatability, anti-stress, nutrition of aquaculture feed.

This product is manufactured from fermentation following raw material as tuna fish meal, fish soluble paste, soybean meal, maize, wheat germ, bran pollard and some vegetable’s protein carefully selected their unique nutritional profile and superior attractiveness ingredients.
VS33 are rich in marine bioactive peptides, marine collagen peptide, soy peptide, wheat germ peptide, bran peptides, bioactive multiple peptide, oligo-peptide, amino acids, Nucleotide, β-glucan, UGF, natural organic acids, enzyme and probiotics.

Those bioactive peptides are well known to have a direct action on key biological mechanisms ( immune-modulator, anti-microbial, hormone-like growth factor peptides…) allowing animal higher resistance to stress and pathogens thus leading to better health and survival.

In addition to animal health benefit, these low molecular weight compounds are easy to assimilate and quickly cross the intestine membrane leading to an improved feed efficiency and a faster growth.





Costs for the key ingredients in fish feed, which are closely linked to global commodity, energy prices and climate anomaly. Ingredients cost on feed production industry have increased as much as 60% in recent years, moreover, on Aquaculture farming industry the fish feed represents 60 to 70% of fish farmers’ production costs.

The aquaculture is not immune to this global phenomenon, and the major concern is how it will impact aquaculture industry.

How Costs Down on your existing formula?

Reduce ingredients cost or feed costs in production process are more difficult now.

Develop available ingredients as VS33 to advance the feed quality and get better return.



VS33 will improve your formula by way of ………

- Enhance the feed appetite & palatability → High Feed intake

- Promote gut Health (Bioactivity properties) → High survival, Better Animal Health

- Enhance the metabolism → Better Animal Health, Faster Growth

- Increase the anti-stress ability → Reduce mortality, Better Animal Health

- Improve the feed digestion & specialty nutrition → Better FCR, Faster Growth

Feed Formulation Application VS33

According to your particular problematic, you might take advantage of VS33 benefits:

- As a cost effective alternative solution to substitute specific raw material like fish meal

- As a performance booster in your premium feed cost range

Alongside growth rates, health status and mortality, feed conversion rates or efficiency has been considered one of the most important parameters in assessing the performance of feed quality on aquaculture stock.
Increase VS33 into your feed formulation can improve nutritive value and get better return by way of high feed intake, better FCR, low mortality and high growth. 

Comparison of villi structure of small intestine between control and VS33 group



  Health      Digestion      Palatability     Specialty nutrition     Feed quality 



Intestine is the most important immune organ and the natural barrier of disease resistance, more than 70% of immune cell including macrophages, T cells, natural killer cell, B cell all sites at intestine, moreover; 70% of Immunoglobulin A are made from intestine tissue to protecting the enteric canal.

As an absorption organ the intestinal health is absolutely essential, owing to gut inflamed and pathogenic microbe’s proliferation can cause the malabsorption syndrome, food allergy, food intolerance, leaky gut syndrome, autoimmune disease, these syndrome and diseases can become the nutrient deficiency, low growth and high mortality of aquatic organisms. 
Probiotics & Barrier of Disease Resistance

- Probiotics will be very advantageous to recover intestinal villus, besides; the probiotics can keep the balance of microorganism in enteric canal and be able to inhibit the pathogen proliferation, this is the first barrier of disease resistance.

- Goblet cells can secretion of mucus to prevent the Bacteria-fouling and provide the survival environment for anaerobic bacterias, this is the second barrier of disease resistance.

- Intestinal immune system, leukomonocytes on intestine, lymph nodes on mesentery can destroy bacteria and prevent the bacteria spreading; this is the third barrier of disease resistance.

- Bile acids in intestinal canal be able to balance the microbe’s ecosystem, this is the fourth barrier of disease resistance.

Healthy intestine vs. Anti-stress

Aquatic organisms that are stressed will lose intestinal microorganisms balance and become the villous atrophy thus leading to increase cortisol levels in the blood, cortisol will inhibits the phagocytosis of phagocytes cause of can’t resistant harmful microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Stress response also reduce the levels of circulating B-like lymphcytes and circulating T-like lymphcytes in the blood, thus will become immunocompromised symptoms, due to the aquatic organisms cannot keep in this situations for a long time, thereby come to no good end is impact the aquatic organisms health.

In general, with healthy intestine one will be able to balance the intestinal microorganisms and keep the villous development, therefore, the organisms with healthy intestine can put up with some stress for long periods of time and prevent lead organisms to serious health complications.



- Moisture:                                 - Calcium: 2.07%

- Protein: 45%                              - Phosphorus: 0.71%

- Fat: 5%                                   - NaCl: 0.2%

- Ash:4%                                        



- Total peptide: 40% of total protein       - Total free amino acids: 32% of total protein

- Nucleotide: 0.5% of product

Essential amino acid

- Tryptophan: 0.15%            - Lysine: 2.06%

- Methionine: 1.13%            - Phenoalanine: 2.24%

- Threonine: 1.67%             - Valin: 0.99%

- Leucine: 2.42%                - Isoleucine: 1.76%

- Histidine: 1.24                  - Arginine (Larvae): 2.31%  


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