Can replace fish meal in feed and reduce use of the antibiotics

ACTPEP-3 is a premium bioactive peptide specifically designed with nutrients and pure natural to increase attractiveness, palatability, and FCR of Livestock feed or aquaculture feed.
It's manufactured from complex ingredients and multiple fermentation. Base on natural raw materials like tuna fish meal, poultry meal, wheat germ, soy bean, maize, rice brain and by way of dry fermentation to get unique performance of superior attractiveness and good FCR product.
ACTPEP-3 is rich in marine bioactive peptides, marine collagen peptide, soy peptide, wheat germ peptide, rice protein peptide, nucleotides, UGF, taurine, SODike enzyme, free amino acids and probiotics.
These bioactive peptides are well know to have a direct action on key biological mechanisms (immune-modulator, anti-microbial, hormone-like growth factor peptide.......) allowing animal higher resistance to stress and pathogens thus leading to better health and survival.
In addition to animal health benefit, these low molecular weight compounds are easy to assimilate and quickly cross the intestine membrane leading to an improved feed efficiency and a faster growth
ACTPEP-3 is a new type of microbial fermentation feed. It's a unique product made through the advanced dry anaerobic fermentation process with both animals and plants protein. This product are provided with high protein, high peptide, high SODlike enzyme, high biological bioactive, high heat resistance (can be used in feed processing), these performance of property to increasing animal feed consumption, promoting animal growth, improving the microbial flora balance of intestinal, preventing digestive tract diseases, etc.

‧Improving Intestinal nutrients absorption (protein, carbohydrate and lipid ) of poultry and Livestock. promote their FCR at least 10% - 15%.
‧Promote the microbial flora balance in intestinal, kill pathogens and inhibit microbial capacity. Reduce use of the antibiotics.
‧Increase attractiveness and palatability of feed. Promote the animals' food intake and faster their growth.
‧Intensify functions of digestive system. Improve nutrient absorption of intestinal. Boosting animals' metabolism rate and can improve their meat quality.
‧Reinforcing vitamins, minerals and trace elements in feed. Adjusting the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in feed and increased phosphorus absorption. Intensify stress-resistance of animal and enhance the survival rate.
‧Can decrease animal dropping and lower ammonia gas and hydrogen sulfide smell, cut down environmental pollution. Reduce the risk to infect disease of upper respiratory tract.
‧Shorten the time of growth and fattening ( poultry and livestock). Faster the aquaculture production cycle and reduce feed consumption around 10%.
‧It's high protein content, can replace fish meal in feed and more efficient.
‧Improve the water quality bring on stable ecosystem of the fish pond. Positive effect on survival rate and increase yield 15% -25% (fish & shrimp).
‧High SODlike enzyme content, can powerful regeneration and repair capacity of animals and improved the animal immune system, prevent secondary infection.



HCL insoluble:0.3-0.4%
Calcium:0.82 % 
Phosphorus:0.62 %

Pepsin Digestibility : 97.9 % (Animal protein: 60% · Plant protein : 40% of product)

- Soluble protein 85 % (of total protein)
- Total peptide 36 % (of total protein)
- Total amino acids 46 % (of total protein)
- Nucleotides 1 % (of product)
- Taurine 0.35 % (of product)


• In general; 2 -10 amino acids bonded together are Short chain polypeptide also be referred to as oligo-peptide, the molecular weight always below 1,000 Da. 10 - 100 amino acids bonded together are Polypeptide, most of their molecular weight around 1,000 Da—5,000Da. the molecular weight more than 10,000 Da are called protein.
• Short chain polypeptide (Bioactive peptide) are natural growth promoters (NGPs), Promote the microbial flora balance in intestinal, kill pathogens and inhibit microbial capacity, reduce use of the antibiotics. It can improve the intestinal environment hyperplasia the intestinal villus, Improving Intestinal nutrients absorption. In addition to, short chain polypeptide also able to restore cell growth And enhance DNA synthesis, synthesis or inhibition the converting enzyme and coenzyme to promote animal development and growth.

ACTPEP-3 content bioactivity unit 23,000 SODlike enzyme per gram at least.
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), is most amazing enzyme in animals' body, will scavenging free radical inside the body. Also, SOD can eliminate inflammation, treatment of ulcers, powerful regeneration and repair capacity, improve the immune system, prevent secondary infection and anti-aging, it's fundamental of 


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